The central theme of my work is the still life. It has always been about the relationship between the object or subject and me. From the time of learning, to the time of exploring, to the time of a defined line of work, the constant was the still subject. This continues whether I was dealing with Identity, migration, or the human condition. It was all done through the still life.

Still life has always been considered a minor genre, the stepchild of high art, despite its great tradition and such practitioners as Caravaggio, Chardin, and Cezanne. But what really is the difference between a still life and portrait? The subject, that’s all. Yet fruits on a table are dismissed for their lack of heroism. We revere the human, but not the earth. The fruit on the table is there for us, not us for them. This is the genesis of the work, and so I embark in the study of the disclaimed, the marginalized. To search in the opposite direction, against the current, one also ends up analyzing human beliefs and their implications. Our perception of nature manifests in our behavior; it resounds in our actions. And so I enter this natural world to observe this life form that lives in still—nature’s trees, fruits and flowers all in their static, statuesque, wise existence.

Sinuhe Vega seems to reach “diversity and complexity opening the page of his painting experimenting the surreal of everyday objects, the laboratory of work on the journey, the plot of the piece, re-entering imagination without an accurate definition, because to define means to limit, to re-enter into formulas.

As the artist states; “My current work includes two constants: theatrics and an explicit rejection of the two-dimensional plane. … Also about creating, reproducing, and re-appropriating my work, maximizing the full potential of each piece. As an image travels from medium to medium, it takes on a different life in each, multiplying in a vivid way, creating infinite possibilities, and thereby revoking all notions of a “final” product.”

In Sinuhe Vegas polymorphous artistic, creative path, the first chapter of his artistic process touches the last. As if exercising art as a sort of swivel, a kind of calisthenics routine to mentally slip beyond the information and visual excesses to escape the strait-jacket of daily stereotypes and art contemporary art mythologies.

A touch, a fleeting glance, a crossroads of mixed media, a well-thought presence of color and forms, where its content and symbols always end up founding the place of multiplicity and plurality, where each figure goes into disguise, in a reinvention of identities.
In Sinuhe Vegas artistic journey, a thing is always another thing, an image that not only establishes the idea of a surreal assemblage but the notion of displacement of the senses. What Baudrillard would convey as “of images that flash in continuous energy exchanges.” The experience, that the artist describes as “…the dialogue between mediums fuels enriches, and stitches the layers of these characters and their stories. I see myself as neither the author nor the narrator of this tale, but as a journalist documenting the creative process of the artist and the lives of majestic individuals, and hopefully create a fuller sensory experience when viewers encounter the work.”

In his work nothing is negated or destroyed, however, nothing is in the place it supposed to be, there where the eye and the memory believe and aspire it to be. It is a creative maneuver elaborated and imagined in the languages of painting, drawing, theater, collage, photography and video, in a creative world that moves in a sort of “gravity absence,” multidirectional, trans-scenic.

For Sinuhe Vega, painting and creating art seems a kind of cosmic diagram. Things and objects always possess their vitality, their enchantment capable of distressing the reaction of the intellect beyond the bounds of functional logic. Within this context, his inventory of visual stimuli does not presuppose any hierarchy, other than that determined by the space and media of his work, which acts as a synoptic screen, so its parts unveil the arcane. Objects, places, characters and symbols in his works are assumed not as much for their evocative force as for their communicative capacity, once reinvented.

Perhaps the artist intends to leave us in a state of silent inquiry in the face of illusory secrets. There endures his unpredictable magic.

Jorge L. Gutierrez / Curator.

Born Havana, Cuba 1971

Resides: Design district, Miami, Florida


1991- Miami Dade College A.A ,A.S

1990- 1996 Apprentice to my father Luis Vega the Artist,

1993- 1993 also apprentice to many of my fathers colleges

1996- Arte Soto un Teto Academy, Florence Italy

1996- The Florence Art Academy, Independent studies

Personal Exhibitions

2017 Fructo-Sepian Species Inliquid Art space, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2014 Camellia series, Imperial Records, San Juan Puerto Rico

2013 Camellia series, Imperial Records Miami FL

2012 runaway head, espacio 304 San Juan, Puerto Rico

2011 runaway head series, Fountain head studios, Miami FL

2010 When we where kings, Little Haiti cultural Center, Miami Fl.

2009 Monarchs in Exile, letter Gallery Miami Florida

2008 Recent work, Lurie Gallery, Miami, Florida

2007 Broken Monarchs, Leiter Gallery, Miami, Florida

2006 Recent Work, Lurie gallery L.A. California

2005 Broken Monarchs Leiter Gallery Miami, Florida

2003 Romantic realism,Brewster Fine ar,t NY,NY

2002 Metaforas y Metamorfosis, Espacio 304 San Juan, Puerto Rico

2001 Tropical surrealism, Cernuda Arte, Coral Gables, Florida

2000 Dripping Blue memories, C& A Fine Art, Coral Gables, Florida

1999 One Man Show, Catalina , Fine Art, Coral Gables, Florida

1998 Dreams and Visions, Jorge sori Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida

Group Shows

2016 Global Caribbean, Little Haiti Cultural Center, Art Basel Program, Sponcer by Brown University

2014 Fountain head studios, open Studios. Miami Florida

2013 Fountain head studios, open Studios. Miami Florida

summer group show, Lurie Fine art LA, California

2012- winter group show Espacio 304 San Juan, Puerto Rico

2011 Fountain head studios, open Studios. Miami Floridad

2010 Irreversible art Project, Miami Florida

2010 Photography, Little Haiti Cultural Center

2009 From white to color, Leiter Gallery. Miami FL.

2008 winter show, Lurie Gallery, Miami, Florida

2007 Art Basel show, Leiter gallery, Miami FL.

2006 Group show, Lurie gallery L.A. California

2004 Art Miami, Cernuda Arte Miami Fl

25 artist from here and there, from yesterday and today.

2003 Art Chicago, Cernuda Arte Miami Fl

Group show,Cernuda Arte Miami Fl

2002 Art Miami, Cernuda Arte Miami Fl

Group show,Cernuda Arte Miami Fl

2001 Art Miami, Cernuda Arte Miami Fl

Group show,Cernuda Arte Miami Fl

2000 Art Expo , NY, NY

winter show C&A fine art

1999 Selected Juried Show, Four arts Society, West Palm Beach, FL

Art Expo , NY, NY

winter show C&A fine art, Miami FL

1998- group show Jorge Sori Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida

Sinuhe Vega Artist
Sinuhe Vega, Miami Artist